Universal DB Frontend

Connect to any SQL or NoSQL database, browse, search, and edit its contents. Extend the schema on the fly and define access control.

Query Editor

Automatically collect schema information that powers an intuitive graphical query editor.

Layout Designer

Graphically customize the layout for different types found in the database. Leverage the query editor to include meaningful charts.

Data Integration and Federation

Visually map external data sources to your model. Upload or federate data into a virtual linked-data graph.


Seamlessly start and integrate REST services from the application and monitor progress.

Cloud Deployment

Book our fully managed cloud service, or deploy the apps in your private cloud. All apps scale horizontally and support state of the art cloud stacks.

Machine Translation

Translate your app in a few minutes by enhancing machine translations right in the browser.

Artificial Intelligence

Seamlessly incorporate large language models, image classification, translation, and entity reconciliation services in your App


We are excited about this successful digital transformation project, but this is only the first step. We plan on further improving quality and animal welfare by extending the system to a digital breed registry that analyzes genetic presence and other parameters (read more...)

Cecile Aschwanden, Partner Pacific Consult AG

Life Sciences

Amazing software. Check it out!

Wolfgang Müller, Group Leader H-ITS

Invoice Management

We managed to digitally transform this process, eliminating several manual steps that are usually required. The Dashjoin Platform allowed us to move very quickly from idea to productive solution (read more...)

Ralf Hennig, IT Manager at Faurecia Augsburg

Software Partners

No-code solutions are the key to breaking down barriers to realizing digital added value. Thanks to the cooperation with Dashjoin, companies can finally analyze process data over the entire value chain themselves!

Dominik Riemer, CEO of Bytefabrik.AI GmbH


The German Center against Cyber Crime e.V. uses Dashjoin as a technical platform for cyber crime research for its members and partners worldwide. The software enables us to display status reports and perform cyber crime analysis efficiently. This is achieved through Dashjoin's data-driven integration, in which complex data structures of international cooperation partners are integrated and linked with situation reports. This enables us to react quickly to threats to our members.

Peter Kessow, Managing Director G4C

Data Lifecycle Management

Philipps-University Marburg partners with Dashjoin to handle the data lifecycle supporting clinical studies. This joint effort dramatically reduces our manual data management efforts.

Prof. Dr. Astrid Morin, Clinic for Anesthesiology and Intensive Care

Digital transformation

Corporations have more and more data available, but struggle to make use of this data in their digital transformation projects. The Dashjoin platform makes it very easy to tap into various existing data sources, map them to a common model, visualize the result and trigger actions.



remX GmbH offers solutions around energy-dispersive X-ray spectroscopy where we deal with a number of different data feeds and data sets. Dashjoin offers an ideal platform to quickly implement dashboarding and process customizations for our customers.

Marco Mostert, CEO

Configuration Management DB

Dashjoin can help to get an overview of IT assets and their configuration. Provide a single dashboard of virtual, physical and cloud systems and visualize dependencies from application to disk for root cause analysis.


Ravisant leverages Dashjoin to quickly integrate FHIR messages describing patient records and related health records. The backend drives one of the leading health management solutions. Dashjoin's integration capabilities allow us to quickly adapt to new message formats.

Jay Ward, CTO


PWL Engineering plans and implements complex engineering projects for global companies. Our customers' data is key in this process. We use Dashjoin to quickly integrate, sanitize, and visualize this data and feed it into downstream processes.

Frank Walther, CEO

Consulting Partners

Dashjoin is used in our projects to implement customer requirements quickly and inexpensively. Even complex requirements such as research systems from heterogeneous, unstructured data from MISP and the MITRE ATT@CK Framework in connection with complex online data are processed in a short time. The price-performance ratio is very good and different types of deployments can also be implemented quickly and inexpensively. Other advantages are the use of various RDBMS providers, protecting the investment. Furthermore, data integration for special statistical and AI-supported algorithms are supported as well.

Joachim & Christian Weide, Managing Directors Operatis Consulting


Data Model

The Dashjoin data model is inspired by linked data and identifies classes and instances via uniform URLs. Applications can store properties for instances and establish semantic links between them. Dashjoin enables this data model on all SQL and the most popular NoSQL databases. Read more...


Immediate Results

Simply upload your data or connect your data source. After these simple steps, you immediately can browse, search, and edit all your data. Read more...


Step By Step Refinement

You can enhance the default data visualization step by step with a few clicks. Compose powerful queries to drive charts and dashboards. Add actions to perform context-aware tasks. Read more...


Integrate AI Services

Dashjoin maintains three docker images that contain various AI services. You can consume those seamlessly via JSONata functions and use them in processes or for UI widgets. Read more...


100% RESTful & Extensible Architecture

All dashboards are driven from the core Dashjoin REST API. In addition, developers can call any 3rd party REST API from generic UI elements such as buttons and wizards. The SDK also allows you to add custom functions and connectors. Read more...


Open Source & Standards Based

Avoid risk posed by investing time into a proprietary low code platforms. Dashjoin is open source and bases on other popular open source frameworks such as Angular. Read more...


Move Your Production to the Dashjoin Cloud

Once you are ready to move into production mode, you can rely on the fully managed Dashjoin PaaS (Platform as a Service) Cloud. No need to worry about servers or upgrades. Simply pay as you go! Read more...