Machine Translation

Complete the bulk of your translation project with a few clicks. Machine translation supports over 100 languages in ever improving quality. If you're not happy with a particular translation, simply change it.

No Code Change Required

Many translation frameworks require you to make changes in your HTML, JavaScript, or backend code. Dashjoin Translate cleanly separates code and translation by injecting them right in the browser.

GDPR Compliant & No Cloud

Dashjoin Translate uses machine translation during development time only. All translations are stored in a simple file giving you full control and GDPR compliance. No calls to external services in production!

Low-Code Applications

We are using the Dashjoin Low-Code platform for projects in the public sector where internationalization is a strict requirement. The tight integration with Dashjoin Translate allows us to deliver multi-lingual application fast and is a GDPR compliant way.

Jürgen Roos, Managing Director

J2EE Applications

We're using Dashjoin Translate in a project to translate legacy software. The separation of translation and code is extremely helpful in this scenario.

Stefan Nardi-Hiebl, Managing Director

Static Webpages

Philipps-University Marburg partners with Dashjoin to translate medical education sheets for clinical studies. This process allows us to reach a wider audience. The review process ensures the high quality of the material.

Prof. Dr. Leopold Eberhart, Clinic for Anesthesiology and Intensive Care


Getting Started

You can translate any website or application, regardless of whether it is a static website or a complex data-driven application. Simply use our online service for public sites or install locally for intranet pages. Read more...


Run Machine Translation

You define your target languages and browse the application. Dashjoin Translate automatically picks up all texts on the pages and translates them. Read more...


Edit Translations

If you're not happy with a translation, simply hover over it and edit the translation in the popup menu right in your browser. Of course you can also review all translations in a table and see translation coverage dashboards. Read more...


Excluding Content

Not all content should be translated. You can define generic CSS-style rules to exclude dynamic content from databases or other sections where translating makes no sense. Dashjoin Translate gives you graphical feedback about which elements are and are not translated. Read more...


Download Translations

Once all pages are translated, you can download the translation bundle file. If you are developing your pages using a source code management system, you can add this file to your project and include it in the regular review and publishing process. Read more...


Deploy Translations

When you're done, you need to add the translation bundle and a small script to your site or application. This is possible in every environment from Wordpress to Salesforce. Note that the script will not make any requests over the network, so the translation is completely self-contained and completely under your control. Read more...


Any number of languages
Project size up to 20.000 translated characters
In edit mode, you might run into limits of the translation service

9.99€ / month

Any number of languages
Project size up to 1.000.000 translated characters
In edit mode, translate up to 1.000.000 characters / month

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